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Updated: Sep 8, 2021

As the summer season is drawing to a close, children are returning to school and it’s time to get back to work, now’s a great time to think about giving your holiday home an audit ahead of your next visit.

Here are a few tips and tricks that will make the process much easier…

Deep clean

After a summer of fun, a deep clean will ensure your home is sparkling for your next visit. This is also a great opportunity for our experienced to team to pinpoint any stains that might need professional treatment or areas that might need freshening with a coat of paint.


No summer holiday should be had without its associated beach paraphernalia, books and games, but now is time to de-clutter, throw away any damaged or unwanted bits and pieces and create a haven of calm ready for the next holiday adventure.

Appliance check

Everyone’s appliances work hard all year so it’s a good idea to get them all checked out to ensure there are no glitches. Addressing this now will give peace of mind that everything will be good working order on your next visit.

Garden maintenance

After a summer of warm weather and more than just a few showers, Cornwall’s gardens have had plenty of opportunity for growth. A good prune and a trim now is a good investment before the weather turns.

Stowing away

If you’re not looking to return to your property for a little while, then cleaning and stowing any garden furniture and BBQs will enhance their lifespan and ensure they are ready for use on your return.

Capture the moment

Once your holiday home has had a spruce up, and especially if you are looking to rent it out, consider have some professional photographs taken while it’s looking it top form. Whether for your own or marketing purposes these can be a lovely record.

Storm checks

The winter months on the Roseland can be a little stormy at times, so it’s worth booking in some bad weather checks. These will pinpoint any fallen trees, loose tiles or drain debris which can be dealt with swiftly before further problems arise.

Here at Roseland Retreats, we can facilitate all of the above so that you can relax in the knowledge that there is someone on the ground looking after your property as if it was their own! .

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