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For art's sake

The Roseland plays host to a plethora of artistic talent which is showcased in an array of forward-thinking galleries who are making a name for themselves across Cornwall and beyond.

This leading gallery, found at the heart of the village of Tregony, was taken over by Brian and Judi Green seven years ago. A large number of the artists on their roster are from the West Country, however they represent a range of international talent as well. The gallery showcases observational painting and runs exhibitions, both solo and group, throughout the year, as well as taking annual exhibitions in their entirety to show at private venues in London.

As one of the largest and most respected art and craft retailers in the South West, Mid Cornwall Galleries has become the go-to destination for contemporary work since its inception in 1980. Showing not only paintings, but a range of etchings, ceramics, blown and formed glass, jewellery, woodwork, prints and metalwork, the gallery curates both new and established local artists

Nestled amongst the winding streets of this delightful harbour village, St Mawes Gallery offers a relaxed space in which to enjoy a varied range of talented artists. Expressive landscapes, still life and mixed media paintings join serpentine and reclaimed sculptures, each unique yet all joined by a collective love of nature and the ocean.

Exhibiting Cornish art, craft and design, The Square in St Mawes is a gallery that has gained a reputation for showing original art in all its forms. It celebrates the differences in each artist’s approach making for a veritable Aladdin’s cave that at once inspires, intrigues and provokes a response. This is a friendly space that brings together an exciting mix from the smallest of cards to the largest of paintings.

This waterside gallery in St Mawes’ looks out across the ocean and much of the work displayed here has an affinity with the coast. From the macro of large figurative and landscape paintings to the micro of unique creations in glass, clay and wood this little gallery has a large and unique offering.

Portscatho is fast becoming a go-to destination. This sleepy village is home to some great places to visit, not least of which is The Harbour Gallery. Owner Mark Hatwood has grown the gallery, from when he first took it over in 2012, to now exhibit over 40 artists from Cornwall, the UK and internationally.

This artist-run gallery in Portscatho also plays host to a working studio above and is the hub of the Portscatho Art Society. Unlike modern ‘white wall’ galleries, The New Gallery is said to “fuse the chic of the Parisian left bank with the riotous eclecticism of Soho bohemia”. There is a large downstairs showroom, while the second-floor studio flat provides a work space, a place to socialise and even somewhere where artists can stay overnight.

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